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Sinopec Federation Vice President Zhao Jungui and Other Groups Come to Rochiev for Inspection


On September 28, 2019, a delegation led by zhao jungui, vice President of the China petroleum and chemical industry federation, and wang xiaofeng, vice director of the industry development department, went to Rochiev, changchun for an investigation.The purpose of this investigation is to scientifically compile the "145th five-year plan" for the petroleum and chemical industry, promote the high-quality development of the industry and build a petrochemical power for investigation.The general manager of gouyang made a comprehensive introduction from the aspects of the company's technical research and development strength, enterprise development strategy, international competitiveness construction, market expansion and deepening ability.Since its establishment in 1996, Rochiev (formerly Northern Chemical Filling Equipment Co., LTD.) has been focusing on the production, sales and service of automatic filling robot production line of chemical post-processing link and intelligent three-dimensional storage products.Rochiev is currently the only company in China that provides integrated customized solutions integrating high-end equipment manufacturing, software and hardware development, production and sales in the hazardous chemicals industry.The automatic filling robot production line produced by our company is the mainstream product of automatic filling of hazardous chemicals, with a market share of over 90% in China..

The investigation group visited the production workshop and r&d technology center, and visited the digital workshop series products that are being debugged for customers.Over the years, through continuous technical innovation and case practice, to the market of digital workshop products, once published, has been highly valued and recognized by the industry enterprises.At present, it has obtained cooperation with wanhua group, basf, fu bao, luxi chemical, CSPC and other first-class enterprises in the industry.Digital workshop products have realized equipment automation, data informatization, unmanned workshop, intelligent storage and other advantages, connected with enterprise ERP management system, promote the enterprise in intelligent production management process efficient upgrade.Zhao jungui, chairman of the company, highly appreciated the achievements of the company's development over the years, and affirmed the company's development strategy of internationalization and globalization, as well as its strength of providing high-end equipment for the industry to realize unmanned, information and intelligent transformation and upgrading.

At the same time in the northeast of the old industrial base to inspect the development of such vitality and industry prospects of high-end equipment manufacturing enterprises are also pleased.

Zhao jungui, President of the company for the international first-class enterprise benchmarking, expand the international vision, actively participate in the international market competition, increase the brand awareness and intellectual property protection and other aspects of the valuable advice, hope the company to continue to do specialized high-end equipment product positioning.During the period of "the 14th five-year plan", China's petrochemical industry will develop rapidly and transform and upgrade. The demand for overall solutions of digital sub-assembly workshops will continue to increase, and it has become an inevitable trend to provide personalized and exclusive customized solutions for the industry.In the critical period of industrial intelligent manufacturing upgrading, the petrochemical association provides a broader platform for rongcheng intelligent manufacturing.

Under the support of China petroleum and chemical industry association, Rochiev will make practical moves, make real efforts and do practical things, and strive for breakthrough development in scale, quality, management and brand. Through common development and progress with the industry, we will achieve a better tomorrow of industrial upgrading in the petrochemical industry.

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